About Us

At Ardenlux, everything we do revolves around providing the most reliable & energy efficient lighting products and deliver the best VALUE to our customers in Commercial, Industrial, and Multi-Residential areas.

When you choose an Ardenlux product, you can Rest Assured that you are getting a product that is fully approved by the North American safety standards and Energy Efficiency standards. Besides the regular items we carry here at our Kelowna warehouse, we also work closely with our customers to develop customized lights.

Lighting on Demand

The right level of light, when and where you need it

LED lighting technology, as it is dimmable and can be equipped with smart control and detection devices, has made it possible to fully harness its efficiency potential and maximize your energy saving goals.

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Lighting the Way to Comfort

Lighting the Way to Comfort

Residential lighting needs to be functional, aesthetically appealing and green. The right residential lighting can provide you comfort at the same time enhance the desirability of a home.

Residential Lighting

Lighting the Way to Satisfaction

Lighting the Way to Satisfaction

Lighting at workplaces has a profound effect on employees in terms of their wellbeing, effectiveness and productivity. Effectively lit and attractive environments enhance your image and help you retain high-value employees.

Office Lighting

Lighting the Way to Production

Lighting the Way to Production

Hard-to-reach ceilings, expansive spaces, hot or cold temperatures and long operating hours. These are the challenges that industrial operators need to tackle; making industrial lighting solutions extremely essential and critical.

Industrial Lighting

Energy Saving

Let us show you how you can cut your lighting energy costs by 50% to 80% and make a real difference to be environmentally friendly.